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Major events cast their shadows before them: This proverb, alerting us to the imminent arrival of significant events, takes on a particularly data-driven significance in the world of revenue management. Here, it’s not just events that precede their arrival, but their data. In an industry where every decision should be based on precise information, recognizing the signs of the times and calculating room rates for the upcoming season on a solid data foundation is essential. Those who fail to heed these signs and make the necessary preparations risk literally throwing their money out the window.
With this understanding, we have meticulously curated GRANT#5 to offer you not only insights into the latest trends and technologies but also practical tips and strategies to elevate your revenue management practices to the next level. This issue is packed with valuable advice from leading international experts from Europe and around the world, showing you how to optimize your earnings and not leave money on the table.
We delve deep into the art and science of revenue management to show you how to leverage data to your advantage. From analyzing upcoming events and their impact on demand to advanced pricing strategies that help you maximize occupancy and increase your revenue, GRANT#5 has everything you need to enhance your competitiveness. The contributions in this issue are designed to not only impart theoretical knowledge but also provide practical tools for immediate and measurable improvements in your operations.
We are confident that GRANT#5 will provide you with the inspiration, knowledge, and tools to achieve your goals in the hospitality industry and successfully face the challenges of the upcoming summer. May this issue be a guide that navigates you through the complex landscape of revenue management and helps you seize every opportunity to maximize your success.

GRANT#4 – Highlights


Starting with Professional Revenue Management 


The Human Brain VS. The Agony of Choice

Revenue Management as a Service

Starting with Professional Revenue Management Despite Staffing Shortages

For hotels, providing both the professional expertise and resources for successful revenue management is often a challenge. This is where berner+becker comes into play. As one of the leading providers, berner+becker offers dedicated revenue managers who work closely with clients as part of the hotel team. This not only facilitates a tailored entry into revenue management for hotels: The combination of outsourcing, consulting, and training allows hotels of every size and location to optimize sustainable revenues and profits. Read online →

Interview with Kai-Markus Müller

Neuroscience & Pricing: The Human Brain VS. The Agony of Choice

Kai-Markus Müller, a renowned figure in the field of pricing has made numerous appearances and reports on popular media platforms such as BBC, Forbes, Businessweek, DER SPIEGEL, and GRANT Magazine. Sneak peek?
GRANT: Providers believe buyers make purchasing decisions based on their needs, rationally assessing the available offers and comparing it to others. Do you agree? KMM: Absolutely not.
Read the interview online →

GRANT#5 – Contents


Five Essential Insights for Revenue Management During Exceptional Events

Focus on the biggest sporting event of the year, taking place in Paris this summer.
by Romain Charié, CEO of N&C
Romain Charié is the CEO of N&C, a French consulting firm specializing in Revenue Management and the developer of the RMS software, Revbell. He graduated from ESTACA and HEC in 2002. He began his career in Revenue Management, spending ten years with Air France, Europcar, and Disneyland Paris.

Berlin’s Most Beautiful Hotel

Art forms the foundation of Château Royal

“Once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave.” “Could this be Berlin’s most beautiful hotel?” “The benevolent spirits of Berlin.” Such are the headlines gracing the opening of Château Royal in late 2022, as reported by Berliner Zeitung, NZZ, and Weltkunst. Indeed, Château Royal has emerged as an unparalleled hotel: its 93 rooms and suites individually designed by contemporary artists, as well as its public spaces like the bar, corridors, and restaurant. GRANT outlines 5 compelling reasons for your next stay at Château Royal.


How Data-Driven Marketing maximizes Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

by Brandnamic

The hospitality industry is undeniably one of the most competitive sectors. Any knowledge advantage not only serves as a competitive edge but also plays a critical role in ensuring business success. For instance, understanding peak demand days and leveraging Data- Driven Marketing and Revenue Management can elevate up-selling to a new level. This highlights the importance of integrating both internal and external data to strategically deploy marketing resources where they’re most needed.


5 x Hotel Revenue Faces

  • Sigrid Ruppe-Senn, Owner and Managing Director of Interalp Touristik GmbH  

  • Dominik-Gisler, Partner & Managing Director COM.CIERGE GmbH

  • Jörn Klinkmann & Caroline Palazzolo, Senior Operations Manager (Jörn Klinkmann) and Director Business Development (Caroline Palazzolo), at TREUGAST Management GmbH

  • Benedikt Räther, Head of Customer Success at DIRS21

  • Sergio Foti, Director of Hoteliers Inspiration


The 5 Essential Revenue Management Cocktails

The 5 Essential Revenue Management Cocktails for Revenue Managers Who Know What They’re Doing, or At Least Want to Learn from the Best.

Transatlantic Vision: WinPAX and HQ revenue

by Sergio Schulstein, CEO of Hotel Management S.A. in Buenos Aires
Hotel Management S.A. has been a distinguished presence in the hospitality industry of South America since its inception in 1994, with its flagship property management system, WinPAX. With a dedicated team of 35 professionals, the company has successfully extended its expertise to approximately 527 hotels, offering unparalleled property management solutions. Hotel Management S.A. is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hotel Technology Ecosystem explained 

by Ira Vouk, Author of “Hospitality 2.0”
Ira Vouk is the author of top industry publications “Revenue Management Made Easy” and “Hospitality 2.0” and the originator of the first in the industry online learning course on hospitality technology. Ira is a hospitality consultant and tech innovator who brings nearly two decades of practical industry experience, predominantly championing the role of revenue management and the use of data and technology to provide hospitality companies with insight to lead their business strategy better. Frequent speaker on the topics of hospitality technology, distribution, revenue management, profitability and automation.

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