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When we embarked on the journey of creating the inaugural edition of GRANT Magazine, our intention was to mark a fresh start.

The pandemic years have posed immense challenges for the industry due to the ongoing pandemic, but it has always been resilient, finding innovative solutions in the face of adversity.

Now, we find ourselves amidst the gravest crisis since the aftermath of the Second World War - a new conflict unfolding in Ukraine, right in the heart of Europe. However, even in this turbulent time, the hotel industry continues to showcase unwavering dedication.

In an enlightening interview, Anna Heuer and Zeèv Rosenberg from HSMA shed light on their inspiring initiative, #touristikhilft. You too have the opportunity to get involved through the portal! 

Having grown up in the hotel industry alongside many of my esteemed colleagues, we are all too familiar with the myriad challenges that hotels confront.
What changes lie ahead? Which novel distribution channels will shape the future? What cutting-edge technologies will influence travel and hotel choices? What tools will we possess to thrive as competitive hotels in the marketplace?

It is with these queries in mind that GRANT Magazine was born - a platform dedicated to seeking answers. The word "grant" in English signifies the act of imparting insights and fulfilling desires.

Together with you, our esteemed readers, we aim to delve deeper into the realm of revenue management and foster its evolution.

GRANT#1 – Highlights


Social commitment: HSMA & Touristik Hilft


The Beauty of Data

Interview: Anna Heuer & Zeèv Rosenberg

Attract the target group with the right price

The "Commitment to Society" section highlights special initiatives from the hotel and tourism. When it comes to helping others, tourism companies act quickly tourism companies act quickly and unbureaucratically.

The initiative "Touristik Hilft!" was launched under the leadership of the HSMA and the V.I.R.. Many tourist partners join forces together, in order to offer over the portal accommodation for refugees from the Ukraine to mediate. Anna Heuer (association managing director) and Zeèv Rosenberg (deputy president) of HSMA Deutschland e. V. report in the interview that commitment to society is part of the industry's tools of the trade. is part of the industry's tools of the trade. Read online →

The Beauty & The Useful

How data visualization enables new insights.

Which country has the most hotels? Italy is the undisputed leader with 51,291, if you include hostels, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, guest houses, inns and aparthotels. Would you have known? Every issue of GRANT comes up with surprising figures and data visualizations: Look forward to look forward to "the time in areas", "the size of hotel chains" and many other ideas.

GRANT#1 – Contents


#touristikhilft  @hsma.deutschland

Social Commitment

Hotels have always been reliable crisis managers.  HSMA’s Anna Heuer and Zeèv Rosenberg tell how hotels are helping refugees.

The Undiscovered Land

The History & Future of the Hotel Industry

The history of competition in the hotel industry shows that competition will grow.  

Free PMS Integration in HQ revenue

PMS & Market Data 

HQ revenue connects digital worlds: Easy and quick PMS integration, free-of-charge and without additional interfaces.  

The Beauty of Data

Data Science & Design

The visualization of data can be beautiful. And enables new insights.

Data Science & Design

How the World Sees Me

Optimal evaluation of the data from your  
digital sales platforms. 

Data Science & Design

Comparing Your Own  
PMS Data with the Market

The new HQ revenue dashboard combines the inner view of your hotel with a comprehensive view of the  market. 

The recipe against expensive digital clutter.

Positioning needs a roadmap

General managers or financial controllers have a good sense of when something needs to be improved. Often, however, day-to-day business does not leave them the space to initiate or implement improvements.

In an interview, Robert M. Nagel from Revard Digital gives tips for a digitization roadmap for hotels.

Luxury for the Soul

Branding: The example of Sensoria Dolomites in South Tyrol

Sensoria Dolomites is a hotel with a long family history. The children's generation returned here and transformed tradition and experience into a unique and contemporary all-round experience - supported by the Brixen agency Brandnamic. Here, too, positioning is the key word.

Don't miss any peaks in demand

Be smart — with happyhotel and HQ revenue

Automated revenue management? Is this supposed to work? Sebastian, COO of happyhotel explains: "The principle is simple. If the market demand is high, then you can ask for higher prices." Of course, you also know the catch - and the solution: "Of course you have to know the big picture: What does the market look like at the moment?" happyhotel receives this information in real time from the data supplier HQ plus in Berlin.


The eternal social media cycle

Get more direct bookings?

You can definitely do something to achieve this goal if you decide to advertise your offer on social media. The social media presence has a great influence on your positioning, both positively and negatively. In our scenario, we show in four stations how social media can establish and accompany the customer relationship - what can go well and what can go wrong.

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